Barrow Hill Arena -  60 x 30 olympic standard size Williams & Williams arena where the horses begin their jumping education with poles and barrels before progressing to Easyfix hurdles and fences. This facility is a great starting point in learning a solid jumping technique. Based 1.5 miles from the yard which enables the horses to enjoy a relaxed variation in their routines.

Schooling Ground - Having over 500 acres of grassland means we have many suitable areas for schooling on the grass. We currently have two lines of Easyfix hurdles and fences, new this summer is a large wide all weather schooling strip.This will benefit some individuals who pop over obstacles on a daily basis to help keep them confident and happy in their jumping, it also means we will have another all weather facility to use all year round.

Woodchip & Round Sand Gallop - We have a 4.5 furlong woodchip uphill gallop where the majority of the horses work takes place, alongside this we have a round deep sand gallop which has been instrumental in slow conditioning work and was installed after a visit to the top N.H yard in Ireland four years ago, this summer we have extended it with an oval figure of eight, it is now double in size.

New 1 mile Woodchip Gallop - created during the summer of 19' just short of a mile long, flat with a gradually incline before flattening out again. 

Horse Walkers - 4 six horse Monarch walkers, 1 indoor and 3 covered outdoors.

Stables - All made by Monarch, with Bedmax shavings.

Horse Transport - We have a 4 horse lorry plus two 2 stall boxes.

Vitafloor Therapy Room - We have dedicated a whole stable to a Vitafloor vibration platform which has been shown to help lead to improved performance, speed healing and aid equine back muscle development.